South Asia is not yet fully developed it is still in the stage of developing. South Asian infrastructure Nepal, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, and many more countries. Infrastructure plays a vital role in the country’s economic growth and maintenance as most of the income is inculcated through industrialization.

Benefits of having an infrastructure

  • Better infrastructure brings better job opportunities and helps employs the country people and help them live a satisfactory life.
  • Educational facilities are not yet available at every corner of this country which needs to be established. As per rules, every child has the right to education and building schools and colleges for children will help them secure their future for the better.
  • Healthcare facilities should be the prime aspect of any country’s development. As people die in villages because of lack of hospitals and facilities and is common in South Asia by the help of hospital infrastructure people will have a hope to still be alive and living their life.

Infrastructure helps an individual in which way?

An infrastructure creates job employment and employment helps an individual become confident and also helps in the growth of their self-esteem and makes them more profound and active in their life. It also prepares them for a better future and enlightens their life.