The T20 format has become very much popular worldwide because of the thrill and excitement it provides and we all know this format is more favorable for the batters rather than any type of bowlers. Short boundary lines, batting-friendly pitches and limited overs make things much tougher for the bowlers to do experiments. 

When it comes to T20, IPL is in different leagues because here bowlers face the most difficult situations as they have to bowl world-class batters from all countries and this competitiveness makes this league more difficult and engaging full of thrills and enjoyment for the viewers. This is why IPL is the most engaging and popular franchise-based league in the world. Many people are there who want to know about the all latest or breaking news about cricket but do not know where to get them. For this you do not have to pay or go anywhere, simply type breaking news cricket today on Google and you can find it all at once. 

IPL can be said as a nightmare for even top bowlers but as it is the most cash-rich and popular league in the world, most players worldwide try to play in this league so that they can show their capability to the world. As this league is mainly dominated by batters, bowlers like Pat Cummins, Tim Southee, Jasprit Bumrah, Kagiso Rabada and a few others who are one of the best in the history of cricket have to go for several runs from their 4 overs quote. 

In the T20 format, a bowler is allowed to bowl 4 overs(24 legal deliveries) and most of the time in IPL, many bowlers concede runs more than even 10 runs per over. It is very hard to see bowlers with a bowling run rate of less than or even equal to 6 runs per over only. 

This article is about those bowlers who once concede so many runs in a single game that are listed under the list of worst spells by bowlers in IPL to date. 

  1. Basil Thampi: Conceded 70 Runs

It is absolutely a true fact that this fast bowler from Kerala, Basil Thampi once conceded 70 runs from his quota of 24 deliveries and it is a record that no one will want to achieve in their career.

This record happened in the 2018 season of IPL against the RCB(Royal Challengers Bangalore) team for the Sunrisers Hyderabad. Apart from Thampi, all the bowlers who bowled in that game conceded more than 10 runs an over but Thampi was much more, 17.5 runs per over. 

Thampi in his very first over gave out 19 runs and again in the second over, he conceded 18 runs. In his first over, Moeen Ali of RCB hit him 2 consecutive sixes and in the second over it was the time for AB De Villiers. Thampi gave out 33 runs in his final 2 overs and helped the opponent to reach a massive total of 218 runs from 20 overs. Though in that match, SRH batters tried their level best to overcome that total but unfortunately, they ended at 204 runs in the end but were pretty appreciated by all for their brilliant effort. 

  1. Ishant Sharma: Conceded 66 Runs

The second player who is featured unfortunately on this list is the ace bowler of the Indian test format for several years, Ishant Sharma. For many people, this name can be a surprise to them because he is a very capable and experienced bowler in the international cricket circuit. 

Sharma mistakenly achieved this record while playing for the Sunriser Hyderabad team in the 2013 IPL edition against CSK(Chennai Super Kings) team. In his second over of his spell, the opponent batter hit 3 consecutive sixes against Ishant and he conceded 25 runs in the final over.  

In the final over, the opponent batter was Mr IPL( Suresh Raina) who remained 99 not out and he hit him for 1 six and 4 fours in that over. In that match, CSK performed brilliantly and scored 223 runs and certainly, SRH lose that match by a margin of 77 runs. 

Apart from a single match, Ishant was pretty brilliant throughout that 2013 IPL season and he took 15 wickets from the 16 matches that he played with a bowling economy of 7.81 runs per over which is not that bad for a bowler even today. 

  1. Mujeeb Ur Rahman: Conceded 66 Runs

This talented young Afghanistani player played his first IPL match in the 2018 season for the Punjab Kings team and is featured third on this list. His debut season was brilliant but in the second season, he failed to maintain that.  

Mujeeb is the only spinner on this list and in 2019 against Sunriser Hyderabad, he conceded 66 runs from 4 overs. In that match, he was attacked by his international skipper Mohammad Nabi and in one over he gave 26 runs and helped SRH to score a huge 212 runs. SRH won that match by 45 runs. 

  1. Umesh Yadav: Conceded 65 Runs

The most surprising name on this list is Umesh Yadav, the ace pace bowler of India and he is also a pretty good performer in all IPL seasons. His worst seasons came when he was with the Delhi Capitals team and this record also happened when he used to play for DC. 

In the 2013 season, against the RCB team, Yadav started very well, just giving 13 runs in his first two overs. But his last two overs were a nightmare as he gave out 52 runs. This happened because of Virat Kohli who scored him for 24 runs in the 18th over.

Apart from Yadav, all bowlers of Delhi performed decently in that match. Though DC lose the match while chasing down 183 runs. 

  1. Sandeep Sharma: Conceded 65 Runs Along With A Wicket

The last player on our list is the Indian pacer who is known for swinging the new ball with ease, Sandeep Sharma and he is the only bowler here who also took 1 wicket despite conceding 65 runs from 24 legal deliveries. 

It happened during the 2014 IPL season against the SRH team for the Punjab Kings and his first two overs were decent just gave out 13 runs. But his third over during the powerplay went for massive as Shikhar Dhawan hit him six and four fours. 

Sharma also bowled the last over in that match and conceded 26 runs where Naman Ojha hit him in all directions of the ground. 

This is the entire list of those unfortunate bowlers who accidentally featured on this list. Most of them are a pretty renowned name and this can happen for any bowler in the T20 format, especially in IPL. 

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