1. Keep track of your marketing efforts

Brand consistency takes place when the business delivers the same values, personality and messaging at every customer touchpoint. This can be tricky when you don’t understand your own brand. Your logo design, website, mobile app, store signage, marketing and customer support messaging they should be instantly recognized. If you haven’t thought about these deeply and how they will manifest visually, then you cannot boost your brand consistency. Determine the elements that define your company and makes it unique. Then collab with designers, come up with a virtual design that embraces that brand.

  1. Create a style guide

This keeps track of your visual brand. This outlines rules to follow if someone in your company wants to publish or promote content for your brand. If it isn’t captured in style guide, then you may want to add this to the Marketing strategies Hong Kong. This will entail all info you need for your staff to accurately create consistent branded content like visual info too: fonts, logo, brand colors etc. It should also entail less tangible items like ideal voice, tone, mission and company philosophy.