A lot of people are starting to pick up a used personal watercraft (PWC) when the summer winds down. The newest models are coming out and as people want to upgrade, you can find some great deals that will save you money over new models. If you have decided to buy a used motomarine usagé, there are things you must keep in mind to help you make the right decision.

These include the following:

Where to Buy your PWC

Purchasing a used PWC can be a bit scary. But, you can have a safer purchase when you choose to get the vehicle from a reputable dealer. Most dealers inspect their watercraft when they take it on the trade. Make sure to ask what they found during the inspection and if they serviced those concerns. Consider asking for a compression test on the cylinders and the engine’s most recent service.

Buying from a private seller is a little risky since there is no guarantee. But, you can get the rewards in the form of the price. With private sellers, you tend to get much more wiggle room.


The majority of contemporary PWC come with an hour metre on the engine. To find the right PWC for you, choose one with low hours. In general, anything less than 50 hours is low and considered a great deal. Also, make sure to know the last time the engine was started and the gas’ age. You want to save yourself from the trouble of getting a PWC that has been sitting for a long time, particularly when the gas was not drained or treated


Ensure the controls of the PWC operate as they should. If you see sticking cables, this could indicate poor maintenance. You don’t want the throttle sticking wide open on your first ride. Make sure to also check for sloppy controls as they indicate the PWC has been used a lot and was not properly taken care of.


The hull must be examined for damage or excessive wear. With proper maintenance, fibreglass hulls can delaminate. If the previous owner repaired or repainted the PWC, ensure the changes show up better.

Pumps and Props

Inspect the internal portions of the PWC. Look for damage from rocks and gravel. Ensure the screens are clear and undamaged. Intake parts are easy to replace, so you can use them for negotiating the price of the vehicle.