One of the people most passionate about Africa’s energy independence is none other than veteran business attorney NJ Ayuk, and his recent mention on Reputation Poll International’s list of 100 Most Reputable Africans is well-earned.

NJ elaborates on the continent’s future in power, saying “Africa can be energy independent and also be a net energy exporter. We need the right policies. Fast track oil and gas contract approvals and get various African countries back on track to an energy Renaissance. It is time to drill.”

While drilling for oil and gas seems counterintuitive to Western countries’ race towards renewable energy, it’s worth noting that Africa has consistently been left behind at the global table. “Africa is the poorest in energy use and access and the greenest in terms of its emissions. Acknowledgment of this must be reflected in financing options from global financial systems. The multi-resource approach, which upholds the principle of diversification, must be considered,” Ayuk says.

What Is the Top 100 Most Reputable Africans List?

The Reputation Poll’s list of 100 Most Reputable Africans of 2023 features figures from a diverse range of sectors, including human rights, commerce, entertainment, business, and education. The list recognized many people for individual accomplishments in a variety of fields as well as for significant contributions to development, enterprise, and social impact that influence how businesses function in Africa and the benefit they deliver to people.

Reputation Poll International is a business strategy consulting agency that specializes in reputation management for notable business professionals and government officials across the globe. Reputation Poll works to facilitate better communication between companies and their customers, staff, and investors, as well as the lawmakers and regulatory agencies who make sweeping decisions that affect the worldwide market.

Who Is NJ Ayuk?

NJ Ayuk is a top African lawyer and leader in the growing energy industry. NJ graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with a Bachelor’s degree in government politics before going on to receive his Juris Doctorate from the William Mitchell College of Law and his Master’s in Business Administration from the New York Institute of Technology. Armed with a robust education, NJ worked at a law firm in the U.S. and an agency for the UN before opening his own legal practice called Centurion Law Group.

Centurion is a pan-African legal advisory and litigation firm that offers other African business professionals with zealous legal advocacy in a wide variety of matters, and has offices in Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon, Guinea, and Mauritius. NJ also holds a position as the African Energy Chamber’s Executive Chairman, an organization that helps unite global energy leaders and investors for much-needed discussions about South Africa’s role in the energy market.

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