Boxing is a sport that needs fast and intelligent fighters. In boxing, two combatants get into the ring and settle their disputes by throwing punches. These fighters are on the lookout because one hook can destroy their reputation for a long time.

Boxers are respected sportsmen in the world, mainly because of the job’s risks. Plenty of fights have occurred in boxing history. One of the most-watched fights is the recent trilogy between Fury and Wilder.

You will find yourself yearning to join boxing after watching these fights. This article will break down some of the most significant battles in boxing history. Visit Probellum Official Linktree for more information.

  1. Sugar Ray vs. Jake Motta

Jake Motta was also known as the raging bull. He was a fierce fighter whenever he put a foot into the ring. One of his most excellent encounters came against Sugar Ray. Thus fight occurred in the Chicago Stadium, and the middleweight title was up for grabs.

Both boxers had a good fight, but Ron won by throwing a collection of jabs in the twelfth round. However, these punches did not cause any knockdown to Sugar Ray. Both men were beasts and put up one of the best fights in history.

  1. George Foreman vs. Mohammed Ali

At the time when this fight happened, Gorge Foreman was the undisputed champion of the world. Ali was a challenger, and most people had their money on George. Remember, Ali was a strategist. He would lean on ropes and defend blows while George aimed the body.

Ali deflected most of George’s punches, and this surprised many. Ali replied with his hard-hitting punches that sparked the fight. George took one-too-many punches that made him wear out in the fourth round.

Ali won the fight by knockout in the eighth round, and this fight remains one of the greatest in history.

  1. Joe Frazier vs. Mohammed Ali

It is no surprise that Ali makes it to this list twice. He was a show killer whenever he stepped into the ring.

Frazier and Ali had two fights before the trilogy. This trilogy was also known as the “manilla thrilla” and is among the most praised fights in history.

There was too much rivalry in this fight that brought many fans to the arena. Frazier kept taking every punch thrown by Ali. However, Ali redeemed himself in the twelfth round and destroyed Frazier’s face.

Ali won the fin via total knockout after Frazier’s coach ended the fight.

  1. Tommy Hearns vs. Marvin Hagler

Both Tommy and Marvin were great fighters at their time. Both had mighty punches that would send their opponents to the ropes. Every bod knew about the bad blood between these fighters, thus the anticipation.

The fight lasted only four rounds, but every band was worth the money. Hagler threw mighty punches that put Hearns down in the fourth round. The referee ended the fight even if Hearns managed to get up.

Hagler won the fight by total knockout, and Hearns was taken to the changing rooms in clutches.

  1. Trevor Bernick vs. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson was a fierce monster in his prime years. He brutally beat everybody who came his way in the heavyweight division. The majority of his encounters were executions and not fights. One of his most remarkable fights came against Trevor Bernick.


Bernick was the current champion at that time. However, Tyson beat him up like he was an amateur. Trevor dropped after Tyson hit him with a might body shot. All efforts by Trevor to get back to the fight were futile after he collapsed.

This win made Tyson the youngest heavyweight champion in the world. This fight was even better because Trevor had beaten Ali to retirement. Remember, Ali was Tyson’s icon, and this was more like revenge.

  1. Evander Holyfield vs. Riddick Bowe

Evander Holyfield took the challenge of fighting the undefeated Riddick Bower. Evander was straight from a victory against Mike Tyson. Bowe was younger and had a better punching ability. He landed over fifty-four percent of jabs he threw in the first three rounds.

However, Evander showed great sportsmanship by fighting back afterward. This fight is considered one of the best to occur in the heavyweight division. Both fighters did not focus on defense. Instead, they threw power punches at each other.

  1. Julio Chavez vs. Pernell Whitaker

This encounter was dubbed as “the fight.” This fight entailed boxing tenacity and little defense. Whitaker displayed his defensive skills in the first three rounds. This enabled him to dodge Julio’s punches.

Whitaker would look for spaces whenever Julio threw his left hook. He replied with clean punches. The fight ended as a draw even though most people thought Whitaker had won.


Boxing is known to have millions of fans from across the world. Some fights have recorded a high number of views over the years. An example of such a fight is Mike Tyson vs. Trevor Bernick.


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